Отворено писмо на БТАПОИИ

Във връзка с предложенията за два новизаконопроекта за изменение на Закона за хазарта, ние от Българската Търговска Асоциация на Производителите и Организаторите от Игралната Индустрия изразяваме своите съображения, които отразихме в отворено писмо, приложено към настоящия мейл.
Считаме, че практиката да се внасят в парламента законопроекти без да бъдат подложени на предварително обсъждане със сектора не е в интерес на всички участващи страни.




Internet betting exchange Betfair and UK bookmaker William Hill have reportedly applied to the Greek Ministry of Finance and the Greek Gambling Commission for the concession to run the online gambling monopoly currently operated by OPAP.


On June 20 the State Commission on Gambling held a press conference as a response to the wide public reaction to the black list of 22 websites of online gaming companies, access to which has been prohibited from Bulgaria through filtering the unlicensed sites, by request of the gambling regulator.


The Gambling Act, which was adopted in 2012, regulates the online gambling and introduces obligatory requirement for licensing of the online operators. This is the practice in the regulated jurisdictions in the world. It legitimizes the operator in the respective territory, offers possibility for control and guarantees the consumer protection rights.


New Turkish legislation under proposal aim to increase the government’s ability to clamp down on illegal online gambling. Individuals who enable or promote the use of illegal online gambling sites in Turkey could, according to the terms set out in the draft law, face prison sentences of several years.


The Netherlands has published for consultation its draft law on online gambling, which would, amongst others, set two different levels of taxation on gambling operators. Online operators would be taxed at 20%, while all land-based operators pay a 29%.


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