Отворено писмо на БТАПОИИ

Във връзка с предложенията за два новизаконопроекта за изменение на Закона за хазарта, ние от Българската Търговска Асоциация на Производителите и Организаторите от Игралната Индустрия изразяваме своите съображения, които отразихме в отворено писмо, приложено към настоящия мейл.
Считаме, че практиката да се внасят в парламента законопроекти без да бъдат подложени на предварително обсъждане със сектора не е в интерес на всички участващи страни.




For national governments, regulating online gambling is slowly turning from a trend into a necessity.



The transcontinental country extended the deadline by another four months.

Turkey.- According to the privatisation board, Turkey officially extended the deadline to submit applications for its national lottery tender by another four months. Gambling activities in Turkey are highly regulated as the country banned casinos in 1998 and non-state online gambling in 2006.


Will slots survive the new generation?

Slots have long been a casino staple. Since the invention of the first slot machine in the late eighteen hundreds, these popular casino games have not only evolved in design but also complexity as they catered to increasing number of players from across the globe. Now over a century on, will soon become historical relics of a bygone era.


The Government launched a request for proposal to pick a company to run the national lottery on a 10 year deal.



The Dutch remote gaming bill was approved by a large parliamentary majority on 7 July, but a 29% tax rate and restrictions on live betting advertising will place doubts on its viability, writes Younes Moussaoui.    

On 7 July 2016, two years after submission, the remote gaming bill was finally adopted by a large majority in the Dutch Parliament (111 vs. 39).


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