Responsible gaming project

The Responsible Gaming project "Play wisely" 

The Responsible Gaming project started at the beginning of 2008 as an initiative of BTAMOGI. The mission of the project is prevention of problem gaming and gaming addiction along with cultivating of responsible and well-balanced attitude towards the game. This is the first fully developed work on responsible gaming issues ever been made in Bulgaria.

The main goal of the project is to promote the social responsible behavior of the business, in connection to the prevention of the problem gaming and gaming addiction, to keep the public well informed about the possible risks from the gaming addiction and to cultivate responsible behavior of the players. Through series of consistent steps and actions, including information campaigns, educational seminars, programs for prevention and treatment, the Association aims to set the basis of systematic and long-term program, dedicated to prevent problem gaming and gaming addiction. This program will work together with private and public organizations, gaming operators and therapeutists, specialized in that field. The campaign is hold under the slogan ‘Play Wisely!’.   

At the beginning of 2010 BTAMOGI started active work with the gaming operators and organized promotional campaign dedicated to the socially responsible behavior of the business towards the society and the clients. An Ethical code of the operators was developed, supporting the project.  

In April 2010 in Sofia was held a professional seminar of the gaming business, attended by more then 100 operating companies, along with representatives of the State Commission on Gambling and the Bulgarian Institute of Metrology. There was announced the official start of the campaign “Play wisely” in more than 15 cities in the country.

The initial steps were made towards raising the awareness among the players about the possible risks of problem gaming and gaming addiction along with the ways of its prevention through a system of practical steps and activities. The gaming operators who support the initiative started the distribution of information brochures and warning stickers at their gaming halls and casinos.   

Together with psychologists and therapeutists working in the field of addictions the Association is developing an educational program for the personnel and the management staff of the gaming operators, in order to help them participate actively in the process of recognition of the early signs of  problem gaming  and gaming addiction and also to direct them to the specialized consultants and  therapeutists.

Specialized informational web-site along with an online forum is already online -    

BTAMOGI is actively working together with many international organizations, experienced in that field and is looking forward for the support of other State and private structures and institutions, which are working with the young people and are dealing with addictions prevention, in order to bring the project to its successful full extent.      

The development of the Responsible gaming project includes several different stages: collecting and analysis of basic information; establishing partnerships with local and international organizations and institutions, working in the same field; developing informational campaigns and educational programs; developing preventive programs; working with gaming operators; improving the professional qualification of the gaming staff; identification of problem gaming players and treatment of gaming addicted. 

During the last year BTAMOGI made a multitude of researches, analyses, and meetings, involving international experts and persons, working in that field. During the 1st Eastern European Gaming Summit, which took place in October 2008, international experts in prevention of gaming addiction took place. At that event the Association announced officially its commitment towards the responsible gaming and strategy to work constantly as a promoter of social responsible behavior among gaming operators to support the prevention of the problem gaming and gaming addiction.

Representatives of the Association took part into a specialized world Conference, dedicated to the problem gaming issues, in Nova Goritsa, Slovenia, participating in discussion along with experts and therapeutists from France, UK, Netherlands and many other countries. 

There were laid the foundations of an international cooperation for exchange of information and expertise with leading organizations in prevention of problem gaming and gaming addiction, such as NCRG and GAMCARE.

In 2009 there was established a collaboration with the European Association on the Study of Gaming /EAGS/. Meetings with experts from Canada and the USA took place during the annual Conference of the Gaming Industry in Windsor, Canada.

One of the main accents in the discussions during the 2nd EEGS in Sofia was the responsible gaming topic. On the 4th of November 2009 EUROMAT presented to the European Parliament a Responsible Gaming Declaration, calling its members to observe the principles and best practices in that field. At the official meeting in the European Parliament BTAMOGI’s representative also took place and supported the Declaration.

The Responsible Gaming project was also promoted by the Association in May 2010 at the Meeting for exchange of expertise and Information in Belgrade. In the mid of September, during the Specialized World Conference for Gaming Addiction Prevention in Vienna the project received a deserved support and approval from the representatives of 42 countries from Europe, Australia, USA, Canada, Latin America, Africa and Asia, including more than 300 participants.

A special panel, dedicated to the prevention of problem gaming and gaming addiction and the responsible gaming issues is an important part of the Eastern European Gaming Summit. The is a forum of discussions with experts and therapeutists, partners of the Association, which will present a summary of the program for improvement of the professional qualification of the people who are working with the problem and addicted players, along with a summary of the program for identifying, prevention and treatment of addicted players.        

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