Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers is an international trade association representing manufacturers and suppliers of electronic gaming devices, systems, table games, key components and support products and services for the gaming industry. AGEM works to further the interests of gaming equipment suppliers throughout the world. Through political action, trade show partnerships, information dissemination and good corporate citizenship, the members of AGEM work together to create benefits for every company within the organization. Together, AGEM has assisted regulatory commissions and participated in the legislative process to solve problems and create a business environment where AGEMmembers can prosper while providing a strong level of support to education and responsible gaming initiatives.

Association of Gambling Providers Association of Gambling Providers was founded with goals such as improvement of overall business standards of this industry in Serbia, increasement of awareness about necessity for corporate social responsibility and to build the Association as a credible partner and interlocutor to cooperate with respective state institutions in legislative area of gaming industry. Members of AGP are some of the largest gambling companies in Serbia, covering together over 50 percents of market share.

Macedonian Sports Betting Association recently registered on the territory of Macedonia. It is currently comprised from Mozzart Bet and Sport Life Bet, with the possibility of membership in the Association by the other betting from Macedonia.

Macedonian Sports Betting Association is established for: 
- Promotion of industry gaming in betting ; 
- Developing and promoting the world's top contemporary standards and games of chance ; 
- Educating players in the betting by organizing various activities for the necessity to respect and implement the laws and rules of the games of chance in betting ; 
- Improving and advancing to the legal provisions in the field of games of chance in betting ; 
- Providing advice and education of players in the betting for the exercise of rights during games of chance in betting ; 
- Improving the quality of services provided by the organizers of games of chance in betting ; 
- Promotion of games of chance in betting in the country ;

JAKTA, the Association of Gaming Organizers, authorized Technicians and Producers of Gaming Equipment in Serbia, was established on 19th of August 2005, and has 47 members. We are primarily dealing with slot machines and betting problems, as well as with authorized technicians that received licenses for technical equipment overview. When a new Law of Games of Chance was brought, in July 2004, there was need to establish an association which could secure best possible work condition in cooperation with Ministry of Finance, Games of Chance’s Board and Institute for measures and precious metals. According to official info from the Board, there are approximately 21000 slot machines on the market, 14500 of which operate in the framework of JAKTA Association, representing almost 70% of total legal slot machines. There are approximately 1760 betting places, 640 of which belong to JAKTA members.

The Romanian Association of Gaming Organizers and Producers (A.O.P.J.N.R.) was established in 1995 and is the first such association occurred in Romania, since its foundation confronting with many issues related to this new kind of economical activity. At a present it includes 55 gaming organizers from Romania who own licenses for gaming machines or bingo into a hall and who represent approximately 35% from the authorized equipment total within these areas. Since 2005 A.O.P.J.N.R is a member of EUROMAT /European Gaming and Amusement Federation/. The A.O.P.J.N.R. purpose is to support its members in order to unfold the activity according to the legal provisions and under the terms of efficiency and profitability. During the activity, A.O.P.J.N.R. will control the defense and the promotion of the professional, economical and juridical interests of its members.


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