The gambling barrier in Bulgaria remains outside of the EU

The requirements for the gambling organizers outside of the EU who want to operate in Bulgaria remain still the same . This became clear after the budget committee of the parliament rejected on second vote the changes in the Gambling Act, proposed by the Ministry. Initially there was suggested to be removed the requirements for the organizers of gambling originating from countries such as China and the U.S., who have to invest over $ 10 million and creating 500 work positions in order to operate in Bulgaria . "We gave a word to vote only the most important acts now.

Regarding the forthcoming changes of the Gambling Act, we received statements from 2-3 branch business associations, pointing out a range of remarks in the suggested changes. Because of the current situation we were not able to invite their representatives in order to conduct normal discussion, so I suggest that this project remains for the next Parliament to vote." said Menda Stoyanova, the chairman of the Budget Committee. Without any debates the member of the parliament unanimously supported the removal of the suggested changes. “I have no comment, you should ask the Deputies and Mrs Stoyanova”, said to "Standard" newspaper the Chairman of the Gambling Committee Mr. Kaloyan Krastev, who left the meeting immediately after the amendments were rejected.

The withdrawal rejected proposal would allow to betting sites from outside the EU to be registered in Bulgaria and pay taxes here. It caused dissatisfaction of the gaming industry representatives in the country. According to them, all the European countries have similar requirements that serve as preventive control for the sake of the consumers.


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