Mission Statement

Our Mission 

Our mission is to unite Bulgarian and foreign companies and persons, operating in the area of the gaming industry and to protect their interests in order to establish a healthy business and legal environment for the gaming sector.

Our Goals

  • To provide assistance in raising the profile of gaming industry in Republic of Bulgaria by supporting the development of the production, trade and activity of game operators;
  • To work towards enhancing and improving the image and prestige of its members and of gaming industry in general to international organizations and other institutions working in the area of gaming industry;
  • To provide support and assistance to its members in establishing business and other contacts both within and outside Bulgaria;
  • To support its members by ensuring sharing of information, both between themselves and with other professionals and organizations within the country and abroad, operating in the area of the gaming industry;
  • To provide support for the harmonization of Bulgarian gaming industry legislation with the relevant regulations and legislative standards of other members of the European Union, as well as ensuring fair competition for the Association’s members within the European gaming industry;
  • To monitor the strict observance of legal requirements in gaming industry by its members and the avoidance of actions that could discredit the Bulgarian gaming industry and the Association’s good reputation with governmental and foreign institutions, organizations, business operators and customers;
  • To work towards the introduction and implementation of unified standards in gaming industry and their harmonization with world standards;
  • To work for enhancement of professional attitudes and relations in the gaming industry;
  • To provide support to those people addicted to gambling to fight their addiction and to provide assistance to the relevant government authorities and private organizations by organizing and sponsoring educational and medical programs, special courses and other suitable initiatives;
  • To provide assistance to its members for the protection and prevention of violations of their rights regarding intellectual property for products related to gaming industry;
  • To provide assistance for improving the current legal framework within Bulgaria and abroad, for the regulation of public relations in the area of gaming industry;
  • To provide representation and protection of the Association’s members rights.

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