Angel IribozovAngel Iribozov

Chairman of the Management Board

He is a Chairman of the Management Board of BTAMOGI and CEO of BEGE Expo. He also serves as a C-level Officer of various operating companies in the Gaming Sector. He has served as CEO of many local and international companies in the Insurance and Pension Funds Sector. He has also served as a consultant in many projects in the financial sector, insurance and pensions, SME, and is a Member of the Board of Management of the Bulgarian Actuarial Society. He has MSc Degree in Engineering, MSc in Applied Math, MSc in Actuarial Science from City University in London and Diploma of International Economic Relations.

Ivan Tzankarsky

Member of the Management Board

From 1999 onwards, Ivan Tzankarsky serves as an Executive Director of the leading gaming manufacturer Casino Technology. During the period 1997 – 1999, he was a Senior Engineer of Gaming Equipment Design in Tornado 94. From 1993 to 1996 he worked as an Executive Director of Deith Leisure Ltd. Bulgaria. Prior to that he had 13 years of experience as a hardware designer of Robot Control Unit in Institute of Industrial Cybernetics and Robotics – Bulgarian Academy of science.

Rossi McKee

International Affairs, Honored Member

Rossi McKee is the Vice President at Casino Technology, a global provider of casino products and technology solutions for the gaming industry. She is in charge of the worldwide marketing and international business development strategies for Casino Technology. In her 15-years experience in the gaming industry, she has been responsible for various projects related to the launching of new brands, new products and operations, and development of new markets. Rossi McKee is one of the founders of BTAMOGI, an honorable member of the Association, and currently heads International Affairs and relations development for the Association. McKee serves on the Advisory Board of BEGE, and is member of the Editorial Council of Game Spectrum magazine. She actively participates in various industry initiatives and speaks on international industry forums. Rossi McKee is also president of AvantX Technologies, marketing consulting company offering services to non-gaming companies. Mrs. McKee is EMBA graduate from Georgia State University, holds MD degree, PMP and PhD in Marketing.

Agne Braziunaite


Agne Braziunaite has graduated Vilnius University in Lithuania and holds Bachelor degree of Business Administration in Management and Culture Management. During 2005 and 2006 she worked as an Assistant in the advertising agency Zaluma in Lithuania. In 2007 - 2008 she worked as an Account Executive and Exhibitor Coordinator in the advertising agency East Point. Since May 2008 she is a Conference Manager of the Eastern European Gaming Summit, concomitant to BEGE Expo and is responsible for the conference program, speaker recruitment, and external partnerships. Since August 2008 she is a Coordinator in BTAMOGI.

George Koprinarov


George Koprinarov has 5 years of experience in the Gaming and Administrative field. Previously worked as Administration Manager in the diplomatic and consular missions in Latin America. He holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from the Central University of Venezuela – Caracas, and is a Master of Law of the European Union. Since 2008 he is International Coordinator for Latin America of BTAMOGI.

Jordan Petrov


Jordan Petrov graduated in 1991 as a Construction Designer. He has been working in the gaming industry since 1994, as casino manager in Europe and Africa. Since 2001 he is developing the casino business mainly in East African region. Since 2006 actively participates in new R&D projects in the gaming industry. Since 2007 he is International Coordinator of BTAMOGI for Africa and Asia.

Ivan Zumpalov

Mr. Zumpalov graduated in 1991 from the Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, with major in Physics and Mathematics. Later in 1994 he specialized in International Trade in the University of Economics, Prague. During the period 1994-2007 he had its own business in Prague, and since 2005 is a General Manager of one of the leading distributors of gaming equipment in Czech Republic. Since 2006 he is an International Coordinator of BTAMOGI for Central & Eastern Europe.

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