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The Bulgarian Trade Association of Manufacturers and Operators in the Gaming Industry (BTAMOGI) is the first association comprising manufacturers, importers and distributors of gaming equipment. Members of BTAMOGI are companies with more than 15-year background in the gaming industry in Bulgaria and abroad. BTAMOGI is a Member of European Association for the Study of Gambling (EASG), the Association of American Gaming Equipment Manufacturers.

Among the initiatives of BTAMOGI are the Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo (BEGE) and Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS), the Responsible Gaming Project “Play Wisely”, the specialized online gaming magazine “e-Game Spectrum”, educational sessions EEGS MASTERCLASS along with range of other local and international events aiming to increase the professional level of the branch and to promote the Bulgarian gaming industry around the world.

The Bulgarian Trade Association of Manufacturers and Operators in the Gaming Industry (BTAMOGI) was established in 1992 as an independent, voluntary non-profit organization that comprises individuals and companies producing gaming equipment and/or operating gambling facilities and related activities. BTAMOGI is the main representative body of those involved in the gaming industry in Bulgaria and protects the interests of its members. It unites the operators of the 40 largest gaming halls in the country and 70 % of Bulgarian gaming equipment manufacturers. BTAMOGI’s membership includes individuals who have experience in managing gaming halls and casinos for over 15 years. Since its establishment the Association’s main responsibility has been in the process of approving legislation for the regulation of gaming in Bulgaria.

The Association was closely involved in discussions about Bulgarian Gaming Law, which has been adopted since June 4th, 1999. Many of the proposals made by the Association have been incorporated into Bulgarian Gaming Law and the preceding Decree for the terms and procedures for the issue of permits for organizing gambling games. The Association has set a broad range of goals, related to raising the profile and prestige of the gaming industry, protecting the interests of its members and protecting the public interest. Some of the main activities of the Association include: working towards the implementation of unified standards in the gaming industry and their harmonization with international standards; providing assistance with improving the legal framework in Bulgaria and abroad, regulating public relations related to the gaming industry; providing support to problem gambling campaigns by taking part in organizing and sponsoring educational and medical programs, special courses and other suitable initiatives.

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